Information part 5

We have maintained and increased the trust that the Rarámuri people have in our work, projects and institutions. We hope that our benefactors have also.

We have maintained and increased positive relations and agreements with different foundations and government agencies, both public and private that work within the Tarahumara territory.

We have also continued to inform all of our benefactors and supporters about the use of the money they donate.



We are part of an open and honest process of intercultural / inter-institutional dialog and collaboration, which we trust will continue. Our benefactors and all supporters of CACSTAC are aware of the importance of our projects, our way of thinking and the goals that we want to reach. Gradually and with respect for the experiences, needs, times and rhythms of the Raramuri people, we have been able to incorporate all that we do into their style of life and work. We also want to participate, more and more, in their lives and celebrations and let them transform our own lives and mentalities.


With the Tarahumara, we believe that the work of all of us, and our celebrations, help our Father Mother God to keep harmony and life in this world.

This is why we can truly Thank Him/Her and you all.

Pedro J. de Velasco Rivero S.J.

Creel, December 31, 2010