Oregon group loses a friend

Donald John McCullough, a pioneer member of the Oregon TCHF board, died July 8, 2010, of a heart attack while fishing on the Oregon coast. He is survived by his wife, Lana, also a member of the board, and two children Tammy and Valerie. Don’s granddaughter, Corrina, recently spent a short time as a volunteer at the Santa Teresita clinic in Creel. Don and Lana have visited Creel and the Canyon with members of the Oregon board and have been strong supporters of the mission. He will be greatly missed not only by his family but also his Oregon TCHF family. Don was well known at our recent dinners in particular as he made centerpieces for the tables, which attracted attention because of their unique designs and use. Don’s well known response to the question “How are you today?” was “Never had it so good.” We are sure that those words now ring truer than ever. May he truly rest in peace.