Update From Arianne Wenk, The Commonwealth Medical College MD Candidate

Arianne Wenk is a current medical school student that we met during a trip to Creel in 2012.  We have enjoyed staying in touch with her are she finished her undergraduate studies and moved on to medical school and are so impressed by her dedication not only to medicine but to helping those in need.  Arianne is in communcation with both Fr. Miguel and Fr. David and we hope that she will continue her association with the Mission in Creel or wherever else her interests take her.  Thank you from the TCHF of Oregon and continued success!


Hello everyone.

Living alongside the mountains in Scranton, PA these past few years frequently reminds me of the beautiful Sierra Tarahumara.  It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Creel when I shot the Fund-an-Item video in 2014. Since then I completed a Masters in Biomedical Science and started medical school at The Commonwealth Medical College. This past summer I completed a Rural Medicine Internship which also brought back fond memories as the small hospital and friendly team there reminded me very much of Clinica Santa Teresita. Now in my second year, I am enjoying finally learning about the pathology of the human body, how to diagnose it and most importantly, how to heal it.

As of right now I am heavily leaning towards specializing in neurology after I graduate. Part of what I like about neurology is the simplicity yet elegance of the physical exam which unlike other specialties which may rely more heavily on high tech tests and labs, has remained an integral part of eliciting what is going on inside the most complex part of our body, the brain.

I have been keeping up my Spanish as part of a program we have at my school called the Family Centered Experience which pairs two students with a family experiencing chronic illness. I recruited a family in the area who are native speakers of Spanish to become part of the program for the first time.

I am looking forward to my 4th year rotations and I will apply for a global rotation. I would be delighted to do an internship at the Clinic at that time and until then I hope to return in the near future.

Arianne Wenk

Swarthmore College '14
The Commonwealth Medical College MBS '15
The Commonwealth Medical College MD Candidate '19