Local Quilters Donate their 245th Quilt to the Mission in Creel, Mexico

Thank you very much to local quilters and long time supports of the TCHF Delores Piller and Pat Swanson for their 245th quilt donation.


We are so grateful and always look forward to the wonderful contribution that they make to the TCHF Mission Clinic in Creel.  One can only imagine how many hours goes into the assembly and construction of these beautiful pieces.  Each one features a different theme in bright and vibrant colors.  The young patients at the Clinic are so fortunate to have these warm and cuddly quilts as a small comfort from these friends in Oregon.  Many of the youngest patients stay at the Clinic for months at a time and become so attached to the quilts that they are allowed to take home when they leave. 


We can think of no greater tribute to this selfless effort than to know that the simple log cabins and cave dwellings that many of the Tarahumara families live in are blessed to have this colorful memory of a little life brought back to wellness.


Thank you so much to Pat and Delores on behalf of new Mission Director Fr. Miguel as well as the entire Board of Directors of the TCHF of Oregon.