TCHF of Oregon 17th Annual Benefit Dinner - October 3rd, 2015

Thank you one all for another great event.  It is hard to believe that it has already been 17 years and we could not have accomplished anything without the help of our many friends, benefactors and board members.  Once again hosted by the Riverside Golf & Country Club here in Portland, we were welcomed by clear and sunny skies after a morning of questionable weather.  Special thanks to Kenneth and Valerie Troyer for once again taking the role of Presenting Sponsor in honor of Valerie's late father and early board member Donald MuCullough.   Finally, great thanks and gratitude to the Organizing Committee for designing and managing all of the many moving parts essential to pulling off this event.


New Mission Director Fr. Miguel Quintanilla, S.J. was accompanied by our long-time advisor Fr. David Ungerleider, S.J.  Fr. Miguel has been in place for about 6 months now and has charged head first into managing the many and varied duties of this position.  We know he will do an oustanding job and enjoyed spending some personal time with him the day after the event showing him the intricacies of popular American card games - better luck next time, Fr. Miguel!


Thank you to board member Paul Baker for assuming the duties of MC for the second year.  He did an excellent job keeping the evening lively and moving at a good pace.  We hope to see him in this position for as long as he wishes.

If you recall from last year, we re-tooled the event replacing the many auction baskets with 12 premium raffle packages.  There was overwhelmingly positive response and support of this change last year so we felt really encouraged to stick with this format.  Complimentary appetizers and drinks accompanied by terrific music from "Reeds & Keys" during a social hour made for a fun and lively warm-up to the formal dinner and event program.  Here is a list of the premium raffle packages

  • Package #1:   Money Jar
  • Package #2:   Nordstrom Gift Certificate
  • Package #3:   Oregon Casual Dining Experience
  • Package #4:   Cigar Connoisseur Package
  • Package #5:   Adirondack Patio Furniture Package
  • Package #6:   8 “Date Nights”
  • Package #7:  Gas Card and Carwash Package
  • Package #8:  Family Entertainment Package
  • Package #9:  Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag
  • Package #10:  LaRog Brother’s Jewelry
  • Package #11:  Catered Event in Your Home for 8
  • Package #12:  Eagle Crest  2 Day Vacation


Event Chairperson Peggy Brockamp with granddaughters

The dinner portion of the evening began with your choice of salmon or steak with all of the complements. The staff of Riverside did an excellent job taking care of all of the guests.  We were pleased to hold our candy bar raffle, wine wall and "Heads-or-Tails" game as fun activities during dinner.




                                                              Meredith and Linda Weber                      "Reeds & Keys"

Over the past several years different families held and sponsored sign-up dinner events.  All of them were very successful and always sold out but we decided to combine all of the energy in to one Exclusive Wine Tasting and Dinner Party (for 12 people) put up for oral auction.  We were overjoyed to sell the event at $4000 and then doubly excited to sell another whole party making the total $8000.  The hosts, with the full support of the TCHF Board, designated the full amount for the Endowment Fund.  Thank you to the Brad and Tammy Miller family, Lana McCullough, Chris Bowdish and Randy Cranston for sponsoring this wonderful new event.


       David Weber and Fr. David                             MC Paul Baker                                             Fr. David

Just before the FAI presentation we had a Special Presentation honoring the lifetime of service by Vice President Emeritus, Father Theodore Weber.  It had been difficult keeping this a secret from Fr. Weber who has a way of finding things out so we were tickled that this came as a complete surprise to him.  A short video showing his life and accomplishments as well as rememberances from his sister Janice Pelster, current Christ the King (CTK) priest Msgr. Rick Paperini and TCHF President and long-time friend John Brockamp were very touching.  The TCHF of Oregon was honored to remember Fr. Weber with an engraved brick in the courtyard of the CTK expansion, a plaque on the first rehabilitated well in Creel and a nice bottle of adult beverage.  Great thanks for Fr. Weber for his innumerable accomplishments and all of the lives that he has touched over 60 years of service.  His brother Jerry as well as many of the extended Weber family were also in attendance.  May God Bless You!

As always, the most important portion of the evening is the Fund-An-Item (FAI).  We have been fortunate in recent years to tackle some of the most pressing needs (X-Ray Room, Oxygen System, Ambulances, Food Distribution, Playground Equipment, etc.).  All of these projects were generously funded through the support of our local patrons as well as those in Detroit and Louisiana.  Please check the separate blog posting for a report on the completion of the 2014 FAI, "Facilities, Health & Safety Upgrades".


         Fr. Miguel Quintanilla, S.J.                                    Jerry and Joan Bettendorf                                            Corrina Crocker


                   Julie Kiley - Heads or Tails Winner                                        Tammy Miller and the Weber Family                                 Fr. Weber and Jerry Brunelle

The FAI for this year was "Water for Life".  Even though the Copper Canyon has been blessed to receive adequate rainfall in recent years, this continues to be a major concern going forward.  The city of Creel is undertaking a municipal works project for the improved delivery of water but its future is uncertain.  Therefore, Fr. Miguel, Fr. David and each of the three main chapters here in the U.S. (Portland, Detroit and Louisiana) have pledged to support the multi-year project to conduct a survey of the current conditions and then execute an action plan.  Long-time supporters of the TCHF of Oregon, Steve and Miriam Schneider of Schneider Water Services here in Oregon are spearheading the project and will be taking the first crew to Creel in November of this year.  For a comprehensive report on this project please visit the separate blog posting "Water for Life".  Steve was our keynote speaker at the event and we were very happy to raise approximately $40,000 towards this project.  Thank you in specific for the $10,000 matching grant from the BP Lester & Regina John Foundation to kickstart this project.


   Janice Pelster (Fr. Weber's sister)            Msgr. Rick Paperini (CTK)                                      Crowd during Paddle Raiser                        President John Brockamp

 We spoke to Don Nowak from the Detroit chapter recently in advance of their upcoming event on October 24th.  This will be their 49th event - quite an accomplishment.  We hope that we can look back in another 32 years with the same great memories, meaningful friendships and warm hearts knowing that we have worked to make a difference in the very small corner of the world known as the Copper Canyon in Mexico.  These people, as humble as they may be and leading very simple lives can teach us all a thing or two about the meaning of life, preserving a heritage and ensuring a future.  Thank you all for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the 18th Annual Benefit on Saturday, October 1st, 2016.  Only 353 days and counting.....

John and Peggy Brockamp

President and Secretary, TCHF of Oregon