Introducing Father Miguel, new mission director

Fr. Miguel & staff


Dear friends,

I arrived in Creel this past 28th of March. Since then Fr. Guillermo Estrada, S.J. took charge of going over all of the details I needed to be aware of so that I could assume my new mission in service of the Rarámuri Indians in the Sierra Tarahumara. I am becoming more and more familiar with the Santa Teresita Clinic and our school “Benesika Angupi” (learning one of each other), and I’ve had the opportunity to visit several communities where we have distributed corn, as well as visit our Museum in Cusárare and our Mission Store (where we sell handicrafts). I have encountered some very impressive people who know and love their work. They are the ones who will teach me about the mission I have received.

I arrived here knowing full well that I have been sent to do the work of Someone, with a capital letter, who is greater than I. And, I realize that “our cause is in the hands of the Lord”. My work will be a grain of sand, a service in collaboration with a great team of people, of which all of you are a part since the time when the memorable Fr. Luis Verplancken, S.J. was alive. I feel proud to be able to serve this mission that has progressed, thanks first of all to God, since it’s his work, as well as to the many people who have sincerely collaborated in solidarity with our most needed indigenous brothers and sisters.

Fr. David Ungerleider, S.J. has spoken to me about you, your human qualities and organized work to benefit this apostolate that belongs to us all. I begin my job as Director with a lot of enthusiasm and hope because I am joining an effort of many people. For me, this is a light in the midst of so much egoism and voracity that we witness in our daily lives. Thanks to your support and prayers, we Jesuits have been able to continue work with our sight focused on those who have less.

May the God of life continue to cure so many human lives through people like you and help you maintain a deep joy in your hearts knowing that you are collaborating with His work.

I await with joy the moment when we will meet each other this coming Fall, when I travel to see you with Fr. David.

In the meantime please receive my warmest regards,

Fr. Miguel Quintanilla, S.J.
The Santa Teresita Clinic and Mission Complex