Students raise funds for TCHF

Hello, my name is Isaac Alles. I recently put on a fundraiser with a couple of my friends to raise money for the Tarahumara Children's Hospital. We made tissue paper flowers which we sold in order to raise funds. You wrote and asked me to send a photo of our project. Here are a couple of pictures of us selling the flowers at our school, and one picture of the poster we made. Two of the photos were taken with an old cellphone, so their quality is not the best. My two friends' names are Aimee Bataglia and Meaghan Young. 

Thank you!


John Brockamp , President of TCHF spoke to Isaac and a group of his friends about Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund about a year ago. Then Isaac and his friends held a fundraiser at their school, St. John the Apostle in Oregon City, in May. They made the bright poster too. Then he mailed us a check for $45.30 on 5/23/14 for the pretty flowers that they made and sold. We are grateful that they were so inspired to do this project.