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A Tarahumara Wellness Story

by Pedro De Valesco Rivero, S.J.

This is a comprehensive 30 page document that details the mission programs, operation, and accomplishments to date.  It is illustrated with many photos of the work and progress made by the dedicated personnel and volunteers of the organization.

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New Item available: A Tarahumara Recipe Book!

If you’ve read Born to Run, then of course you know all about the incredible Tarahumara, Mexico’s tribe of ultrarunners who make running 50 miles look easy.

Two staples of the Tarahumara running diet are pinole, which is toasted, ground corn that has gone through a special process to release nutrients, and chia seeds (in the form of iskiate), which mainstream culture has only recently come to know as a protein- and omega-3-rich superfood.

In the lore surrounding  the Tarahumara runners and ancient warriors, pinole and chia are credited with almost miraculous endurance-restoring properties. The problem, if you’ve tried eating these foods at home before or during your run, is that they’re not convenient (or, let’s face it, tasty) — which is why I developed 15 new recipes to help the modern runner incorporate pinole and chia into their diet. 

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