2014 EASTER Art Contest for Oregon Catholic Parish Schools

Once again, we will be holding our 3rd Annual Art Contest for grade school students enrolled in Catholic parish schools in the state of Oregon.  This contest will be held during the Easter 2014 season and the theme will be the "The Ascension".

* The deadline for entering the contest is April 18, 2014 and the winners will be announced on May 16, 2014. *


2013 TCHF of Oregon 15th Annual Benefit Auction

 "Thank You" to everyone who attended our 15th Annual Benefit on Saturday, October 5th.    We were pleased to have a full house and appreciated the strong attendance of over 200 smiling faces.  We want to especially thank the TCHF Board Members for their dedication in setting up and running this event and we want to thank Father Guillermo, Mission Director from Creel, Mexico and Father David Ungerleider, Liaison and Advisor from Tijuana for making the trip to update us on the current conditions and to assist in the appeal for this Benefit.


Santa Teresita Feast Day Celebrated in Creel, Mexico

NOTE:  We are posting this entry on behalf of our friends and colleagues in Creel. 

The local community recently celebrated the Santa Teresita Feast Day.  These pictures give a very good sense of the Tarahumara people, how they dress and the area in which they live.  Santa Teresita is the patron saint of the Clinic in Creel.  Thank you to Antonio for sending the pictures for us to post:


2014 Poker Party Sign-Up (OPEN SEATS) - Saturday, January 11th

Following the enthusiastic success of our First Annual Poker Party last year we are pleased to announce that we still have some open seats for our Second Annual Poker Party.  It will be held on Saturday, January 11th, 2014 in Happy Valley.  Come join us for a fun evening of great food and drink, fellowship and, of course, some competitive poker.


"Thank You" to Local Quilters for their Wonderful Donation to Clinic in Creel

Local quilters and supports of the TCHF Mission have presented us with another installment of 25 custom-made quilts to be delivered to the Clinic in Creel, Mexico for distribution to the young patients.  We are so very appreciative of their dedication and generosity and thank them on behalf of all of the staff and patients at the Clinic in Creel.


Christ The King Catholic Parish - Vocation's Committee Prayer Cards

Christ the King Catholic Parish located in Milwaukie, Oregon recently celebrated a weekly morning mass for the school students welcoming them back after the summer break.  Following the conclusion of the mass, Msgr. Rick Paperini called up members of the Vocations Committee to assist in the distribution of "Pray for Vocations" bookmark cards to the students, school staff and other parishioners in attendance.


UPDATE: Installation of the X-Ray Room / Equipment at Clinica Santa Teresita in Creel, Mexico

It has been a long road but we are pleased to announce the final installation of the new X-Ray Room / Equipment at the Clinica Santa Teresita in Creel, Mexico.  Thank you to Father Guillermo for spearheading the project and Father Ungerleider for his ongoing assistance as liaison.


CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our second Art Contest for Easter Season 2013: "He Has Risen!"

We are pleased to announce the results from our second Art Contest. The contest was open to students in grades 1-8 at all parish schools in the Archdiocese of Portland (OR) and the Diocese of Baker (OR). The theme for this second contest was "He Has Risen". A panel of judges including TCHF Board Members, clergy and a professional artist made the final assessment of the entries.


First Annual TCHF of Oregon Benefit "Western Themed" Poker Party

At our recent Benefit Event in October of 2012, one of our new sign-up events was a Poker Party.  Held recently and hosted by TCHF Board Members, supporters and friends, we were overjoyed to welcome 3 tables of 7 people each for a total of 21 players.  Comprised of both seasoned and new players a great time was had by all.  We used a "dealer's choice" approach with Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Chicago, Five Card Stud/Draw and Seven Card Stud being some of more popular games.  Although the majority of players were men we were very happy to have several women join the event and look forward to a lar