2015 Art Contest: Results will be announced Tuesday, May 19

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2015 Art Contest.  We had originally planned on announcing the results today (May 15) but due to a scheduling issue with one of our judges this has been delayed until Tuesday, May 19.

Thank you for your understanding and please check back next week to see the results.

Thank you to all the students, teachers and schools who supported this project.

TCHF of Oregon


From the Desk of Fr. Guillermo Estrada, S.J. - CREEL

We started off 2015 by inaugurating an indoor area for recreation, just on the side of our Nutrition Ward. The good thing about this addition is that besides providing the children with a space out of the cold, rain and snow during the harsh winter months, it has an educational component for art and learning skills. Since many of our children are in this ward for extended periods of time, we felt it would important to help them with these learning skills before returning to the difficult environment that awaits them once they return home.


2015 4th Annual TCHF Art Contest is Open

It is our sincere pleasure to invite your pupils in Grades 1-8 to participate in our fourth annual Children's Art Contest.  There are two groups of eligible entrants: 

  • Group 1, Grades 1-3
  • Group 2, Grades 4-8 

Cash prizes will be given to First, Second and Third Place for each group as well as a matching cash prize for the winners' schools.  Please see the attached "Rules and Regulations Form" for all contest details.


The Tarahumara Children - Courtesy of Arianne Wenk

Thank you again to Arianne for her visit and service to the Clinica this past summer.  She did a great job of shooting video footage for the TCHF of Oregon Benefit Fund-An-Item video and even took the initiative to make a couple of very cute and touching videos of the many children that she met and interacted with during her visit.  Thank you from the TCHF of Oregon:
Click the "read more" link to see both videos!

A typical day at Clinica Santa Teresita


Tarahumara Fiesta - October 2014

Thank you to Antonio in Creel for sending some pictures of the recent Fiesta.  These pictures show just how colorful the Tarahumara festivals are.  The event is filled with great food, music, dancing and other activities lasting the entire day.  We will be posting the official article from Creel as soon as we get it (TCHF of Orwegon).


2014 TCHF of Oregon Benefit Highlights

Thank you to everyone who attended our 16th Annual Benefit this past Saturday.  Once again hosted by the Riverside Golf & Country Club, the location and site preparation could not have been better.  It seems in recent years we have had nearly perfect weather and this past Saturday was no exception.  A warm and clear autumn day of 80 degrees welcomed our many friends and supporters to this beautiful location.  Thank you to new manager Paul Blaze and his entire staff for setting up and servicing a terrific evening of delicous appetizers and cocktails followed by an outstanding dinner meal


Sign-Up for Group Events at the 16th Annual Benefit Dinner

In addition to our oustanding new Raffle Packages, we are excited to announce that there will be 4 Group Sign-Up Events.  Seats are limited so if one of these catches your interest make sure to sign up as soon as you arrive at the event:

  • Holiday Tea for my Special Girl and Me                                                                                               

24 people.  Saturday, January 3, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.  Cost is $20/person.      

Hosted by Jim & Theresa Deibele and John & Peggy Brockamp.