Students raise funds for TCHF

Hello, my name is Isaac Alles. I recently put on a fundraiser with a couple of my friends to raise money for the Tarahumara Children's Hospital. We made tissue paper flowers which we sold in order to raise funds. You wrote and asked me to send a photo of our project. Here are a couple of pictures of us selling the flowers at our school, and one picture of the poster we made. Two of the photos were taken with an old cellphone, so their quality is not the best. My two friends' names are Aimee Bataglia and Meaghan Young. 

Thank you!


Oregon group loses a friend

Donald John McCullough, a pioneer member of the Oregon TCHF board, died July 8, 2010, of a heart attack while fishing on the Oregon coast. He is survived by his wife, Lana, also a member of the board, and two children Tammy and Valerie. Don’s granddaughter, Corrina, recently spent a short time as a volunteer at the Santa Teresita clinic in Creel.

Website update part 2

As part of our website update project, we have now incorporated native support for tablets and smartphones.  The website will now automatically detect the type of screen you are using and adapt the display to make it more readable and user friendly.  The new slideshow has also been updated to feature recent and upcoming news and events.    Stay tuned for further developments.


North Mexico Drought

North Mexico wilts under worst drought on record

Dec. 2, 2011, 1:29 p.m. PST

DURANGO, Mexico (AP) — The sun-baked northern states of Mexico are suffering under the worst drought since the government began recording rainfall 70 years ago. Crops of corn, beans and oats are withering in the fields. About 1.7 million cattle have died of starvation and thirst.

A Volunteer's Experience

Clinica Santa Teresita: a volunteer's experience by Cathy Scarbrough, RN, MSN Nothing in my 20 years of nursing could have prepared me for how sick and malnourished the Tarahumara children were that I cared for this past September when I volunteered for 2 weeks at Clinica Santa Teresita in Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico. When I worked at the 75 bed hospital in September the average number of pediatric in-patients was 28 per day with only 4-5 adult in-patients.

Preserving a heritage, Ensuring a future

Imagine lives so impoverished that most of the community's children die before reaching the age of five. The children are part of a tribe of 60,000 Tarahumara Indians, who live in caves and primitive huts, with unsafe drinking water, parasites, and devastating malnutrition. Picture all this in an area of unsurpassed scenic beauty, with mountains and canyons and a rich cultural heritage - just hours from El Paso, Texas. This is the situation that Father Verplancken found when he came to Creel, Mexico in the early 1960's.