Sports equipment donated to school

One of the events at the 2016 benefit in Portland, OR was "Play it Forward".  When a patron purchased $100 or more of the raffle tickets, a sports ball would be purchased and sent to the mission in their name.  It turned out to be very popular, and a total of 66 balls were sent along with a pump for inflating them.  Father Miguel recently sent a "thank you" from the kids with photos. 


Water For Life Project Update March 2017

Long time supporter of the TCHF of Oregon, Steve Schneider and his team are currently in Creel, MX working on the next phase of the Water for Life Project.  Joined by his wife, family and friends they have all been busily working on the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data in order to determine which wells are candidates for restoration.  This is the first time that a comprehensive scientific effort has been undertaken and we are so thankful to Steve (owner of Schneider Water Services in St.


TCHF Oregon website goes bilingual

You CAN teach an old website new tricks!

After a lot of work and encouragement from Fr. David, I am happy to roll out a brand new feature of the TCHF website.  We have gone bilingual.
You will notice a new item in the left panel labeled "Languages".  We now support both english and spanish languages. 
The content has not changed, we just now have spanish versions of it all.  Just click the selector to switch between languages at any time.


Endowment Fund

Tarahumara Children’s Hospital Endowment Fund (TCHEF)
The Tarahumara Mission in the Copper Canyon of Mexico continues the healing ministry of Jesus that Fr. Verplancken started in 1960. Fifty-five years later, a history of building the trust of the Copper Canyon residents through the delivery of basic services necessary for health, education and shelter continues.


New project supports TCHF Endowment Fund

John in the ELF

John Brockamp, President of TCHF of Oregon has embarked on a new enterprise to support the TCHF Endowment Fund.  He recently purchased an ELF solar and pedal powered vehicle.  He is now selling the amazing trike, and donating the proceeds to the Endowment Fund.  He recently rode the ELF in the Portland Bridge Pedal, and is planning on making appearances at other events in the Portland area to promote the vehicle and TCHF.    For more information, visit the new website at:



Videos by Arianne Wenk

Thank you again to Arianne for her visit and service to the Clinica this past summer.  She did a great job of shooting video footage for the TCHF of Oregon Benefit Fund-An-Item video and even took the initiative to make a couple of very cute and touching videos of the many children that she met and interacted with during her visit.  Thank you from the TCHF of Oregon:


A typical day at Clinica Santa Teresita