Water For Life Project Update March 2017

Long time supporter of the TCHF of Oregon, Steve Schneider and his team are currently in Creel, MX working on the next phase of the Water for Life Project.  Joined by his wife, family and friends they have all been busily working on the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data in order to determine which wells are candidates for restoration.  This is the first time that a comprehensive scientific effort has been undertaken and we are so thankful to Steve (owner of Schneider Water Services in St.


Newsletter from Creel

Newsletter from Santa Teresita Complex

Events at the national level

Oaxaca State

Oaxaca has become the visible and material expression of the criminalization of social protest. It is undeniable that anyone who has been molested, aggrieved, victimized by the violation of any of his fundamental rights, is immediately subject to a series of direct and indirect grievances for demanding respect for his rights and personal dignity.


Update From Arianne Wenk, The Commonwealth Medical College MD Candidate

Arianne Wenk is a current medical school student that we met during a trip to Creel in 2012.  We have enjoyed staying in touch with her are she finished her undergraduate studies and moved on to medical school and are so impressed by her dedication not only to medicine but to helping those in need.  Arianne is in communcation with both Fr. Miguel and Fr. David and we hope that she will continue her association with the Mission in Creel or wherever else her interests take her.  Thank you from the TCHF of Oregon and continued success!


Water For Life Project Update from Steve Schneider

The Fund-An-Item for 2015 was “Water for Life”.  Even though the Copper Canyon has seen moderate precipitation in recent years the challenge still remains for dependable and safe access to clean drinking water. A comprehensive scientific survey of the existing conditions is being managed by Schneider Water Services of St.